Presentations and Videos

Tuesday 3/26/2019
8:00-8:1515 minWelcome/OverviewMurat OkandanNICE Workshop FoundationPresentationVideo
8:15-8:3520 minKarlheinz Meier MemorialJohannes SchemmelHeidelberg UniversityN/AN/A
8:35-9:25 50 min Programmatic Panel
9:25-9:5025 minAkida: A Low-Power Neuromorphic SoC for Event-Based ComputationKris CarlsonBrainChipPresentationVideo
9:50-10:1020 minbreak
10:10-10:5545 minKeynoteMukesh KhareIBM ResearchVideo
10:55-11:2025 minSpiNNaker applicationsSteve FurberUniversity of ManchesterPresentationVideo
11:20-11:3010 minAnalysis of Wide and Deep Echo State Networks for Multiscale Spatiotemporal Time Series ForecastingHumza SyedRochester Institute of TechnologyPresentationVideo
11:30-11:45 Poster Lightning Talks All Poster Presenters
11:45-1:1590 minLunch
1:15-1:4025 minDYNAP-SEL: An ultra-low power mixed-signal Dynamic Neuromorphic Asynchronous Processors with SELf learning abilitiesGiacomo IndiveriUniversity of Zurich and ETH ZurichPresentationVideo
1:40-2:0525 minTowards nanophotonic hardware acceleratorsNicholas HarrisLightmatterN/AN/A
2:05-2:3025 minBraindrop: A Mixed-Signal Neuromorphic System that Presents Clean AbstractionsKwabena BoahenStanford UniversityPresentationVideo
2:30-3:45 75 min

3:45-4:1025 minCurrent-Mode Memristor Crossbars for Neuromorphic ComputingCory MerkelRochester Institute of TechnologyPresentationVideo
4:10-4:3525 minFluxonic Processing of Photonic Synapse EventsJeff ShainlineNISTPresentationVideo
4:35-5:0025 minTuring, or Non-Turing? That is the questionJohannes SchemmelHeidelberg UniversityPresentationVideo
5:15-6:15 60 min open mic/discussion
6:15-6:3015 minBreak and Move to Zen
6:30-8:0090 minReception
Wednesday 3/27/2019
8:00-8:1515 minWelcome/Overview
8:15-9:0045 minPlenary – Advancing Neuromorphic Computing from Promise to Competitive TechnologyMike DaviesIntelPresentationVideo
9:00-9:2525 minMethodology for Benchmarking of Neural Computing Integrated CircuitsDmitri NikonovIntelN/AVideo
9:25-9:5025 minBenchmarking Real-time Inference Efficiency on Neuromorphic HardwarePeter BlouwApplied Brain ResearchPresentationVideo
9:50-10:1020 minbreak
10:10-10:3525 minSynaptic plasticity in an artificial Hebbian network exhibiting continuous, unsupervised, rapid learningCampbell ScottIBM ResearchPresentationVideo
10:35-11:0025 minComputing with physics:from biological to artificial intelligence and back againMihai PetroviciHeidelberg UniversityPresentationVideo
11:00-11:1010 minAcquisition and Representation of Spatio-Temporal Signals in Polychronizing Spiking Neural NetworksFelix WangSandia National LaboratoriesPresentationVideo
11:10-11:2010 minThe structure of complex neural networks and its effects on learningPau AceitunoMax Planck Institute for Mathematics in the SciencesPresentationVideo
11:20-11:3010 minMosaics – making neuromorphic computing adaptive and flexibleBrad AimoneSandia National LaboratoriesPresentationVideo
11:30-11:4010 minSpatiotemporal Sequence Memory for Prediction using Deep Sparse CodingEdward KimVillanova UniversityPresentationVideo
11:45-1:1590 minLunch
1:15-1:4025 minAttractor dynamics and embodiment of neural computingYulia SandamirskayaUniversity of Zurich and ETH ZurichPresentationVideo
1:40-2:0525 minSignal Conditioning for Learning in the WildBorthakur / ClelandCornell UniversityPresentationVideo
2:05-2:1510 minOnline reinforcement learning by a spiking network model of the basal gangliaTadashi YamazakiThe University of Electro-CommunicationsPresentationVideo
2:15-2:2510 min3D advanced technologies for neuromorphic architectures Hughes MetrasCea LetiPresentationVideo
2:30-3:45 75 min poster/demo/tour/break
3:45-4:1025 minA Pulse-gated, Neural Implementation of the Backpropagation AlgorithmAndrew SornborgerLos Alamos National LaboratoryPresentationVideo
4:10-4:3525 minTowards Critical SNNs: Astrocytes Detect Chaos in Neuronal DynamicsKonstantinos MichmizosRutgers UniversityPresentationVideo
4:35-5:00 SUNY Poly Oct Event
5:15-6:1560 minopen mic/discussionNANAPresentationVideo
6:15-6:3015 minBreak and Move to Zen
6:30-8:0090 minDinner
Thursday 3/28/2019
8:00-8:1515 minWelcome/OverviewNANANANA
8:15-9:0045 minPlenary – AI and Neuroscience: Bridging the GapIrina RishIBM ResearchPresentationVideo
9:00-9:2525 minMaterials engineering for neuromorphic applicationsTony ChiangApplied MaterialsPresentationVideo
9:25-9:5025 minTowards a chip architecture for acceleration of Deep Neural Networks using Analog MemoryStefano AmbrogioIBM ResearchPresentationVideo
9:50-10:1020 minbreak
10:10-10:3525 minLow-Power Deep Learning Inference using the SpiNNaker Neuromorphic PlatformRyan DellanaSandia National LaboratoriesPresentationVideo
10:35-11:0025 minNeuromorphic general purpose computation using precise timingRyad BenosmanUniversiry of PittsburghPresentationVideo
11:00-11:1010 minBiologically Plausible Binding of Sparse Distributed Representations in Hierarchical Temporal MemoryLuke BoudreauRochester Institute of TechnologyPresentationVideo
11:10-11:2010 minSimulating Self-Organizing Neuromorphic ProcessorsYijing WatkinsLos Alamos National LaboratoryPresentationVideo
11:20-11:3010 minA neuro-inspired computing module for unsupervised continual learning based on online clustering and hierarchical predictive codingConstantine DovrolisGeorgia TechPresentationVideo
11:30-1:15105 minLunch
1:15-1:4025 minShortest Path and Neighborhood Subgraph Extraction on a Spiking Memristive Neuromorphic ImplementationCatherine SchumanOak Ridge National LaboratoryPresentationVideo
1:40-2:0525 minActive Sensing and its applications to Neuromorphic Space ImagingGreg CohenWestern Sydney UniversityPresentationVideo
2:05-2:1510 minHalf the Measurements, Twice the Speed: Accelerating Deep Reinforcement Learning Using Compressed SensingMichael TetiFlorida Atlantic UniversityPresentationVideo
2:15-3:45 90 min poster/demo/tour/break
3:45-3:5510 minSensing, Decision Making, and Control on the Intel Loihi Spiking Neural ProcessorYakopcic / DemangeUniversity of Dayton/AFRLPresentationN/A
3:55-4:0510 minNeuromorphic Robot Perception for Autonomous ControlWallace LawsonU.S. Naval Research LaboratoryPresentationVideo
4:05-4:3025 minNeuromorphic computation for autonomous mobility in natural environmentsRolf MullerVirgina TechPresentationVideo
4:30-4:5525 minClosing Remarks and AwardsHemanth JagannathanIBM ResearchPresentationVideo
5:15-6:15 60 min open mic/discussion
6:15-6:3015 minwrap-up/adjourn
6:30-8:0090 minDinner for Tutorial Participants
TutorialFriday 3/29/2019
Tutorial #1 SpiNNaker (University of Manchester) Overview

Tutorial #2 BrainScaleS (University of Heidelberg) Overview

Tutorial #3 Loihi (Intel) Overview

8:00-8:2020 minTutorial #1 SpiNNakerAndrew RowleyUniversity of ManchesterVideo
8:20-8:4020 minTutorial #2 BrainScale Sebastian Schmitt, Eric MullerHeidelberg UniversityVideo
8:40-9:0020 minTutorial #3 LoihiMike Davies, Answol Hu, Andreas WildIntelVideo Part 1

Video Part 2
9:15-11:45150 minAttendees choose between Tutorial 1, 2 or 3
11:45-1:0075 minLunch for Tutorial Participants
1:00-3:00120 minAttendees choose between Tutorial 1, 2 or 3