Conventional, stored program architecture systems are designed for algorithmic and exact calculations.
However, problems with highest impact involve large, noisy and incomplete data sets that do not lend themselves to convenient solutions by current systems.
Our task is to build upon the convergence among neuroscience, microelectronics and computational systems to develop new architectures and approaches designed to handle the hardest challenges.

Key Outcomes

  • Value proposition for Neuro-inspired / Neuromorphic Computing Systems:
    Why would you use these new systems to solve the hardest problems?
  • Pathways for building, evaluating and improving new learning, analysis, prediction and control systems.

Conference Goal
To bring together researchers from different scientific disciplines and application areas,
for development of next generation information processing and computation architectures
that go beyond stored program architecture and Moore’s Law limits.

At this conference, we will:

  • Present applications that are looking for solutions that are beyond the capabilities of current computational systems,
  • Highlight technical approaches that are at the early to middle stages of development for new computational systems,
  • Identify pathways and resources to accelerate the development of these new systems.

Attendance: 200-250 from neuroscience, systems, microelectronics, applications, potential funding agencies.

A lot of NICE talks are available in the NICE YouTube channel.